Let's make it out of wood and glass!

Kenset Oy has specially oriented in structural fire protection. Our products; fire windows, firewall elements and fire doors, made of wood or / and FR glass. Dispatches and products are tailored specially according to our customers needs and on the same time taken care of the official regulations.

Decision on type approval products, fire limiting, KENSET 2000FR elements give You freedom to design partition with different kinds of forms and surfaces.

For architects

Designing of structural fire protection to different kind of indoor sites can be easy and effortless. We can offer you over 2 decades experience of structural fire protection, large variation of safe and tested products and BIM objects of them to easy you work.


We gladly offer you as smaller or bigger targets with our elements.

Send us a message or make a quick and easy purchase order straight from our online store, link below.

It is possible to use our online store to find out costs for smaller targets also.

Do not hesitate to contact us, let’s do it of wood and glass!