Fire Resistance glass walls

Beautiful, open space made of fire resistance glass walls with wood frames to various needs and places. What kind of need, that kind of solution; Fire Resistance glass walls, sound insulation glass walls or radiation protection glass walls, these all variations are possible to make in the same, spectacular appearance.

Partioting PLS EI60

Fixed-design firewindow EI60 without vertical profile

Kenset 2000FR is a fireglasswall in class EI60 fixed in woodframe and equipped with 5 mm siliconeseam.
Side by side installed glasses with little silicone seam will give you free wiew over the whole glassopening !
The max size of one frame is: 3000 x 2930 mm
Number of decision on type approval: VTT-RTH-00016-11



We gladly offer you as smaller or pig targets with our elements.

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