Fire resistance doors

No matter what is your need with structural fire protection, sliding door for restricted space, double door for larger doorway or traditional single fire resistance door, we have solution with or without glass.


Large variation of fire resistance windows will offer something for everyone. What ever is your need with structural fire protection, our glasswall elements and windows with wooden frames can be just the solution for your need.

Fire resistance glass walls

Beautiful, open space made of fire resistance glass walls with wood frames to various needs and places. What kind of need, that kind of solution; Fire Resistance glass walls, sound insulation glass walls or radiation protection glass walls, these all variations are possible to make in the same, spectacular appearance.

other products

Sound insulation, radiation protection and hermetic features are all successfully tested with our sliding- double- and single doors. We manufacture sound insulation or radiation protected wall elements and windows also.

KENSET Principles







Fire safety

Sound proof


We gladly offer you as smaller or bigger targets with our elements.

Send us a message or make a quick and easy purchase order straight from our online store, link below.

It is possible to use our online store to find out costs for smaller targets also.

Do not hesitate to contact us, let’s do it of wood and glass!

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