Fire protection
from wood and glass.

For designers

For architects

For contstruction companies

Kenset Oy has specially oriented in structural fire protection. Our products; firewindows, firewall elements and firedoors, made of wood or / and FR glass. Dispatches and products are tailored specially according to our customer`s needs and on the same time taken care of the officiel regulations. 
Decision on type approval products, fire limiting, KENSET 2000FR elements give You free space to design partition with different kinds of forms and surfaces. 

Fire resistance doors

No matter what is your need with structural fire protection, sliding door for restricted space, double door for larger doorway or traditional single fire resistance door, we have solution with or without glass.


Large variation of fire resistance windows will offer something for everyone. What ever is your need vith structural fire protection, our glasswall elements and windows with wooden frames can be just the solution for your need.

Kenset Principles







Fire safety

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