Contact us

Kenset Oy

Viljamaantie 2,
16300 Orimattila

Bussines ID: 0809607-8

Billing information

Invoicing Address

Kenset Oy
OVT 003708096078
PL 908


OVT: 003708096078
Operator ID: 003723609900
Operator: Pagero

Invoices to email

Only invoices can be sent to this email, nothing else.
The invoice must be in PDF format
One email may contain only one invoice information. All invoice pages must be in one PDF file, so invoice attachments are scanned into the same PDF file as the add-on pages of the invoice, ie one e-mail can only contain one PDF file.
The PDF file must not be encrypted or password protected

Other paper mail

Viljamaantie 2
16300 Orimattila

e.g. newsletters, payment reminders etc. will be forwarded to our mailing address


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