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Kenset Oy has specially oriented in structural fire protection. Our products; fire windows, firewall elements and fire doors, made of wood or / and FR glass. Dispatches and products are tailored specially according to our customer`s needs and on the same time taken care of the official regulations.

Decision on type approval products, fire limiting, KENSET 2000FR elements give You freedom to design partition with different kinds of forms and surfaces.

It is possible to get compact appearance and include there : special glass elements, such as lead glass / electrical glass- and sound-insulating elements or sandblast / painted elements of partitioning of a piece of real estate.

”Product development is one of the main targets at our operations”

Hello! We are Lilja and Markku Virtanen from Orimattila, Finland.

When Markku in the beginning of 2000 century was asked “Is it possible to manufacture fire resistant partitioning walls with glass and wooden frames ? The answer was ´´Of course it is!´´ And from that moment our business and product development begin.

Our aiming point in products and operations are linearity ; do it only once, do it right, ecologically and safely. It is our and our customers advantage!


First fire test made by Kenset Oy was in Germany in the beginning of year 2001. Now, after several different fire resistance tests in Finland, Germany, Estonia and Switzerland, we’ve made several sound insulation and airtightness tests also.

All these test and experience is on Your use in KENSET 2000FR products.



In the beginning of year 2018 our main target was to get our own production rate higher. To reach it, we purchased e.g. CNC-machining center with 5 axles and suction system for chips and powder powerful enough for it, large veneering presser etc.

With this operation we are able to answer our customers’ needs better and quicker.

Know-how in production

Small group but a lot of experience. Our stuff is mix of youth and experience.

Young trainees with experienced carpenters brings prospects to the future where older advises younger, and sometimes other way around.


Safe, ease and clean environment is our goal in production. Machines and tools, electrical worktops etc. are all picked up to ease work and minimize strenuous in it.

Clean, tidy and easy working environment is advantage of us all.

Geothermal heating and recyclable products support sustainable development also.

Do it once, right and safe!

Our values
Sustainable development
Kenset in Numbers


We gladly offer you as smaller or bigger targets with our elements.

Send us a message or make a quick and easy purchase order straight from our online store, link below.

It is possible to use our online store to find out costs for smaller targets also.

Do not hesitate to contact us, let’s do it of wood and glass!

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